Extraordinary Evil: A Brief History of Genocide

Extraordinary Evil: A Brief History of Genocide
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In this remarkable and timely new book, best selling author Barbara Coloroso, whose work on Bullying has brought her international recognition, turns her attention to genocide: what it means, where it begins, where it must end. Through the examination of three clearly defined genocides - of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire; the Jews, Rome, and Sinti in Europe; and the Tutsi in Rwanda - Coloroso deconstructs the causes of genocide and its consequences, both to the immediate victims and to the fabric of the world at large, and proposes the conditions that must exist in order to eradicate this evil from the world. Based on the author's thirty years of ongoing research and extensive travel ? her theories on bullying are here exposed as having a terrifying link to the unspeakable crime of genocide - Extraordinary Evil is an urgently needed work in an age when acts of genocide seem to occur more frequently and are in the public's consciousness more than ever before. What people are saying about Extraordinary Evil ?Barbara Coloroso has spent her entire life fighting for social justice and equality. Her work is an astonishing encyclopedia of causes: from the bullying of children to the genocide in Rwanda. Nothing escapes the unsparing force of her intellect, the gentle generosity of her soul, and her passion to shape a better world.? - Stephen Lewis, former UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa ?This examination of three 20th-century genocides is a fascinating extension of Coloroso?s books on bullying and on raising ethical kids. It?s also the result of her 30 years of studying how ordinary people can turn so extraordinarily evil and commit such heinous acts?For anyone seeking an explanation as to why humans have behaved in unimaginable ways throughout history ? and continue to do so (see Darfur, Sudan) ? her analysis bears serious consideration. Her experience as a mother of three, parenting expert and former Roman Catholic nun, combined with years of traveling to places where genocide has occurred, gives the book a human touch.? - Edmonton Journal ?Coloroso always succeeds in challenging and provoking. Like the best public intellectuals, even when you suspect you really don?t agree with her, she forces you to think.? - Gerald Caplan, author of Rwanda: The Preventable Genocide ?If every buck private, UN peacekeeper and armchair general were to read Barbara Coloroso?s logistical history of the genocide process in Extraordinary Evil? they would have an invaluable tool and manual to combat the process from resurfacing at such short intervals in recent history. Coloroso brings home the nuts and bolts of the origins of genocide, and some of the best hard facts and recent scholarship on the Armenian, Rwandan, Jewish and Roma (Gypsy) genocides in a way that is understandable to the masses. Seldom do you find a book on comparative genocide that you could thrust into the hands of an uneducated 18-year-old being shipped off to Iraq, or the grad student in Harvard Square, and say to them both: ?If you read this, you?ll have no excuse to say you don?t know about genocide and what it means to cross the line in combat.?? - Andy Turpin, The Armenian Weekly See entire article ?Coloroso has stepped right out of her comfort zone ... asking her legions of fans to, in effect, go macro with her - to visit the killing fields, to consider what kind of society we get worldwide when bullies rule." - The Globe and Mail

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